The BEST diet out there for you!

There is SO many different diets going around right now it's CRAZY! All of them have different schools of thought, different breakdowns of macros, and people seems to be loosing weight but there are so many. Which one is "the best"? The "one for you"? I always have my patients and clients ask me about … Continue reading The BEST diet out there for you!

Meal Prep Week 2!

Monday: Fajitas! (because it was right after Cinco De Mayo!) Prep time- 30-45 minutes Serves: 5 - Fajita seasoned chicken from HEB or 2 chicken breasts - McCormick Fajita seasoning (if not already seasoned) - 2 bell peppers, any color - Half a white onion - Flour Tortillas - 1 tbs water Toppings - Avocado … Continue reading Meal Prep Week 2!