5 Day Smoothie Challenge

I get a lot of questions about protein shakes, brands, and healthy smoothie recipes from friends, family, and clients. So I compiled the 5 different smoothies I made before work this week, all with natural ingredients, healthy and refreshing, and filled with protein to keep me full throughout the work day.  I use a Ninja … Continue reading 5 Day Smoothie Challenge

Meal Prep Week 2!

Monday: Fajitas! (because it was right after Cinco De Mayo!) Prep time- 30-45 minutes Serves: 5 - Fajita seasoned chicken from HEB or 2 chicken breasts - McCormick Fajita seasoning (if not already seasoned) - 2 bell peppers, any color - Half a white onion - Flour Tortillas - 1 tbs water Toppings - Avocado … Continue reading Meal Prep Week 2!