12 Days of FITMAS! – 12 amazing tips to keep you up and moving this holiday season!


Tip #1:

Great way to fit in those extra steps on the go when you are extra busy this month!


Tip #2:

Good posture helps prevent shoulder pain, low back pain, and abnormal spine curvature 🙌.
Good posture can help you feel more confident, have more energy, and look more fit.

So every time you check your phone, FIX THAT BAD POSTURE!



Tip #3:

Calories in some of those drinks can add up to more than a meal!
The sugar content is crazy in those holiday coffees, sports drinks, and alcohol.
Try a splash of cream in your coffee, and mixing your Gatorade 1/2 and 1/2 with water.
Cut soda out all together- because soda sucks (even diet)


Tip #4:

 Especially during these busy weeks getting ready for christmas, take the time to sit down and think about what healthy meals you can feed you and your family.

With all these holiday parties, cookies, and extra sugar this season, try and eat 3 good, healthy meals, high in protein with some fresh veggies.



Tip #5:

Writing down your goals help you stick to them.

Put them on your mirror every day as a reminder of what you are working towards.


Tip #6:

Don’t binge on cookies, candy, and carbs.

Instead find fresh fruits and veggies, and foods high in protein to snack on such as eggs, nuts, and plain greek yogurt.

The protein will keep you full longer and help curb those sugar cravings.


Tip #7:

I often hear people say “I don’t know HOW to exercise”. If you are intimidated by the gym, and don’t know where to start, LEARN 🙂

Even professionals in the sports and fitness world are learning new exercises at first.

Take some time and research what you want to learn, then practice! It’ll up your confidence at the gym and with learning new things in the future.


Tip #8:

You don’t even need special clothes or a trip to the gym with these!

Just add in some extra movement during your day, you’ll have more energy and fresh air from outside and those endorphins will boost your mood.



Tip #9:

Even after 1 day, you’ll be surprised how good you feel.

Take it a few steps at a time, it’s much easier to tackle your goal when you begin short term.



Tip #10:

You will be much more successful when adding activities you enjoy!



Tip #11:

Exercise, water, and avoiding those sugar crashes will really help to keep your energy up!

It’s OK, but moderate.

If you are going to a party where you know there will be excess in unhealthy choices, fill up on a healthy meal that’s high in protein and with lots of veggies beforehand.

You’ll be less likely to binge and feel gross after.



Tip #12:

It’s OK to eat!

Especially when it’s a holiday and everyone is getting together.

It helps you not feel so restricted and in control of yourself.

So enjoy your cheat days!

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