The BEST diet out there for you!


There is SO many different diets going around right now it’s CRAZY! All of them have different schools of thought, different breakdowns of macros, and people seems to be loosing weight but there are so many. Which one is “the best”? The “one for you”?
I always have my patients and clients ask me about them (what works/what doesn’t…) and so i finally had a little time to sit down and look at them all. I thought I’d share what I found! (and which I think is personally the way to goย ๐Ÿ˜‰)
I looked at Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, and Whole 30.
Each day this week I’ll post a brief summary of what I found, starting today with The Infamous Keto Diet.



Intermittent fasting (IF), appears to have SO MANY variations. Some “plans” were 16:8 (fast 16, eat for 8), and others required no eating for 48+ hours. Additionally, some plans had a significant calorie restriction and required keto or low carb diets along with the fasts. Some “plans” are a little “looser” with their restrictions and said you could eat whatever. 3
This diet was the most ambiguous out of the 4 (paleo, keto, whole 30, IF). IF has the most potential for eating disorders and health risks as well.
Depending on your fasting periods, IF can lead to issues with fertility in women, binging during the eating periods, thyroid disorders, and hair loss. Studies also showed that IF was no more effective than regular calorie counting long term. There were some health benefits such as lowered blood sugar levels, improved energy, and potential lower LDL cholesterol levels- Which is l
ikely because you are eating less, and healthier overall. Likely not much to do with fasting periods.
So before jumping on the IF bandwagon… definitely do your research. Eating healthier and finding a good balance of calories in vs calories out is much more beneficial.

2With the Paleo diet, you are typically much less strict about calories and more focused on quality of food (vs quantity).
You eat a lot of vegetables, meat, nuts, coconut milk/oil- pretty much if it comes naturally from the earth, you can eat it!
There are also a lot of great “paleo dessert” recipes to check out on pinterest as wellย ๐Ÿ˜
However with paleo, you do avoid grains, legumes, and dairy bc they can be harder to digest. – Also no processed foods either.

Personally I like this way of eating the best and try to follow it loosely, I still gotta have my ice cream and salt and vinegar chips though..

But out of all the “diets” going around, this is my favorite since it incorporates eating healthier overall and you CAN restrict calories if you are going for weight loss, but you definitely don’t have to.- Eating whole foods/less processed, calorie dense foods have amazing benefits on your long term health!


4I know quite a few people doing Whole 30 this year. And LOVING it.
It’s not a weight loss plan though. It’s an elimination diet. You eliminate foods that may be causing inflammation, impaired gut health, mental fog.. ect. These foods include dairy, sugar, legumes, grains, and alcohol.
After 30 days you gradually add these foods back into your diet, and it helps determine which ones may be effecting your health.
While I have never tried this diet personally, they have some amazing recipes that put a healthy spin on traditional dishes.

So after reviewing these 4 diets (Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, and Whole 30).
Which is the best?!
I personally believe no one diet is “the best”.
If your goal is to lose weight you need a calorie deficit (less in than out).
BUT if you want to be HEALTHY, a diet is temporary.ย 
You need a lifestyle change. All these diets have great properties.
Most eliminate sugars, processed carbohydrates, and I.F takes away unnecessary snacking.
So adding these principals of eating whole foods, from the earth, and reducing processed carbs and sugars is the best way to go. It creates healthy habits and sets you up for a lifestyle of change.
A diet tends to have a time line, and end date. So focus on changing your habits instead to sustain and improve your overall health.

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